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Taha Shah Badussha opens up on working with Naseeruddin Shah

Recently the trailer of the much ambitious magnum opus Taj-Divided by blood featuring an ensemble cast of actors including Naseeruddin Shah, Dharmendra, Aditi Rao Hyadri and Taha Shah Badussha amongst others was launched, receiving a roaring response from the netizens. 

Unveiling the unknown details of the Mughal empire in the rule of Akbar the great, Taj- Divided by Blood features promising actor Taha Shah Badussha playing Murad, second son of Akbar, played by Naseeruddin Shah. 

Stating his enriching experience of shooting with Naseeruddin Shah, Taha Shah Badussha said, “I feel fortunate to be able to share screen space for a pivotal role like Murad alongwith the legendary actor Naseeruddin Shah for Taj-Divided by blood. While he played my on screen father, Naseer sir was an absolute delight to work with off screen as well. It was a learning experience of a lifetime to take tips about the craft while working with him. Despite being such a veteran performer, Naseer sir amazed me with his approach towards the script, the analysis and amount of work he puts in for a project, even after years of an illustrious career such as his, he is always reading his scripts akin to a newcomer, striving to make each scene better, and it was an absolute humbling experience to watch. Not only does he share his inputs towards the script but also encourages thoughts and ideas from his co-actors, no matter how new or established they are, which inspired me. We would chat about our scenes, acting styles, process of acting and his experiences over the years, which not only facilitated my growth as an actor but also as a person.”

Narrating the experience of shooting for a particular scene, Taha added, “We were shooting one of our most intense scenes together and I was extremely excited for it, he slaps me in the scene and I felt grateful to be even hit by him as a part of the script, that’s how much of a fan I am and I feel blessed to be working with him.” 

Slipping into the challenging role, Taha Shah Badusssha underwent immense training and preparation for his role. From learning horse riding, sword fighting to training in using an axe amongst others, Taha also took diction lessons to ace his Urdu enunciations, in addition to shooting with heavy armours and costumes on grand sets. 

Releasing on 3rd March, Taj- Divided by blood starts streaming on Zee 5.

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