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Sunil Sihaag's Film "A Day Turns Daark" walks you through an emotional journey of love, friendship and family.

It is streaming on MxPlayer  Now!

Sunil Sihaag’s web series/film "A Day Turns Daark" is already on the road to release, and their first musical trailer launch is already out. The web series is being produced by A Suniil Siihaag Goraaa Films & A Grisu Media Arts in collaboration with Stallions Films from Goa.

You can watch the now Official Trailer here:

The story is not just about love but provides a fresh perspective on seeing society as a whole. It highlights the good and bad practises that together make up our lives and devises our understanding and actions around them. It also demonstrates why a right action has such a strong impact and how one just or right action can cause you to question many wrong ones. 

Nitin and Harleen do not just share a love story; their existential relationship breathes a fresh new perspective into the way we look at the world around us. Change in our society won’t be hard if we alter the way we look at it. That's what you take home from this amazing web series that is all set to take your breath away. The series will be headlined by some very famous actors - Sudhanshu Pandey,Vikas Srivastava, Amarjeet Singh Sangwan, Ashutosh Paranjape, Shambhavi Singh, Aryan Krishna Das, Fatima Bano, jhanvi Bansal & Ridhim Sihag.

Follow the lilting music and the song "Kaise Main Batau" on YouTube. The song was released by Bihani Siksha Trust President, Jaydeep Bihani. The melodious number is sung by Praveen Nayak, whereas the lyrics are given by Paramjeet Singh and the music is given by Bhomik Kataria from The Tape Delay Band.

A great philanthropist, Sunil Sihaag is known for his roles as a social activist, filmmaker (Director), media consultant, novelist, screenplay writer, and a profound visionary of our times. The film is an adaptation of his best-selling book, "Day Turns Dark." It is directed and written by Sunil Sihaag and co-produced by Ranveer Singh Sihag. The executive producer of the web series is Urmila Bhambhu, assistant Directors are Aakash Mishra, Bhawna Meet & Ridhim Sihag whereas Jivandas Borkar & Abhijit B Patil of Stallion Films are Associate Producer of the film.

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