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Sumbul Touqeer stands up for herself!

Actress Sumbul Touqeer was clearly the star of yesterday’s Bigg Boss episode. The actress clearly took her stand against Vikkas, who was trying to bully her in the Ration cum Nomination task. Things spiralled to such an extent that Sumbul made it very clear to everyone that she won’t be cooking now.

So Bigg Boss told the contestants that if they take more than five things in a shopping task then, they will have to nominate an individual and if their ration items are above five and below 10, they will have to nominate two people. Sumbul Yells at Vikkas and they get into an argument. The third round gets cancelled by Bigg Boss as Vikkas and Sumbul get into an argument as to who will go with Sreejita.

Vikkas tells Sumbul that she has ‘Bhuki Niyat’. Sumbul informs everyone that since he has called her this, if they are all hungry, they can make their own rotis. Sajid tells her that he is proud of her and she finally stood up for herself! 

Sajid, later in a conversation, tells everyone that finally Sumbul has opened up and that's why they all did not interfere in that argument! Well, for once, we agree with Sajid!

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