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‘Suhagan Chudail' fame Nia Sharma spills the beans on her wedding plans, wishes to wear peach or red outfit!

COLORS' supernatural drama 'Suhagan Chudail' has been mesmerizing viewers with its grand wedding sequences, featuring Nia Sharma as Nishigandha in a stunning black bridal ensemble. While her on-screen character's wedding attire has been turning heads, Nia herself has different plans for her real-life nuptials. In a recent interview, the actress opened up about her future wedding aspirations, revealing a preference for more traditional colours and styles. Although not ready to tie the knot just yet, Nia shared how the show's elaborate ceremonies have inspired her to envision her own special day, complete with a heavy lehenga in peach or deep red. The star's candid revelations about her wedding dreams have given fans a glimpse into her personal style, which differs from her glamorous on-screen persona.
Talking about her future wedding plans, Nia Sharma says, “Weddings are always exciting, especially when it's someone you know getting married. But when it's your own wedding, it's a whole different story! In my 13-year career, I've worn so many bridal outfits and loved each one. But choosing for my own wedding feels like such a big deal. It's not just about looking pretty and having fun dancing - you really need to know the person you're marrying. That's the most important part. Speaking of bridal looks, I loved the black wedding outfit I wore as Nishigandha in 'Suhagan Chudail'. But for my real wedding, I'd go for something more traditional. I'm thinking a heavy lehenga in peach or deep red, with beautiful jewelry and flower bracelets in my hair. I definitely want to show off my bridal look! I'm not quite ready to make such a big life decision yet. But when the time comes, I already have a clear picture of how I want to look on my special day thanks to Suhagan Chudail.”
As post-wedding celebrations continue, Viju's attempt to expose Nishigandha backfires, leading Moksh (Zayn Ibad Khan) to set the bed ablaze. Nishigandha mistakenly accuses Deeya (Debchandrima Singha Roy), who hides her ring and secretly intoxicates Moksh before fleeing with him. She escapes Deeya's trap and kidnaps Deeya and Moksh. Mahaasur interrupts, reminding Nishigandha of Moksh's commitment to Deeya. In retaliation, Nishigandha manipulates the family and sends Deeya to the taykhanna. What drastic steps will Deeya take to escape the taykhanna and save Moksh from Nishigandha?

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