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Star Bharat launches new season of Savdhaan India with a new theme Apni Khakhi

Star Bharat is all set to launch the new season of its popular show 'Savdhaan India', titled 'Savdhaan India: Apni Khaki'. Renowned for narrating real-life crime stories that raise awareness about dangerous crimes, the show plays a crucial role in promoting safety awareness. The promo of the new season has already created a buzz and garnered positive feedback from viewers.

The fresh season will feature four courageous police officers from Maharashtra, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and Punjab, portrayed by seasoned actors Tanvi Malhara, Ankit Bathla, Ishaan Manhas, and Rajveer Chauhan, respectively. The show offers a unique perspective from the viewpoint of the police, focusing on their compassion towards victims, along with their efforts in eradicating crimes and saving lives. Scheduled to premiere on 4th March, 2024, at 10:30 PM, 'Savdhaan India: Apni Khaki' promises an exciting and inspiring journey of bravery with each episode.

Ankit Batla who plays the role of Senior Officer in the new season ‘Apni Khaki’ speaks about his excitement on being the part of the show He says, "Being a part of 'Savdhaan India: Apni Khaki' is an honour and a responsibility I cherish deeply. As Shiva Agnihotri, I aim to portray the dedication and courage of our real-life police officers who selflessly serve and protect. This season offers viewers a unique perspective from the viewpoint of the police, highlighting their compassion towards victims and their relentless efforts in solving crimes. I'm thrilled to bring Shiva's character to life and contribute to raising awareness about important safety issues through our storytelling."

Since its debut on Star Bharat in 2012, 'Savdhaan India' has captivated audiences with its blend infotainment and edutainment on crime-related issues. Based on real events, the show has consistently kept viewers engaged with each successive season. The new season aims to aid innocent individuals who may unknowingly get entangled into criminal activities. Brave police officers will solve dangerous crimes in their cities, keeping citizens safe and exemplifying humanity in action.

Tune in to the new season of 'Savdhaan India: Apni Khaki' to witness brave police officers forming strong emotional bonds with the people they rescue. The new season premieres on 4th March, 2024, at 10:30 PM, only on Star Bharat.

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