Sunday, October, 01,2023

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Sonu Kanwar is back with another hit track ‘Kaliyo Kod Padiyo’ presented by T-Series

‘Kaliyo Kod Padiyo’ a traditional Rajasthani folk song presented by T-Series and performed by Sonu Kanwar is finally here. Written and composed by Folk Traditional, this song gives us a glimpse of the Rajasthani folk culture. The video is beautifully shot by director Rishi Singh Sisodiya. 

The music video featuring Pallavi & Rajveer Singh Rathore is visual as well as euphonic treat. From the groovy folk music to the vibrant colours we can't get enough of it. We are excited to see what Sonu Kanwar has in store for us in the upcoming year. 

T-Series presents 'Kaliyo Kod Padiyo ' by Sonu Kanwar written and composed by Folk Traditional. Music Video directed by Rishi Singh Sisodiya Featuring Pallavi & Rajveer Singh Rathore. Watch the music video for 'Kaliyo Kod Padiyo' on T-Series' Official YouTube Channel!

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