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Sonam Kapoor gets trolled for her speech at Coronation Ceremony; Netizens say, "people like Sonam are the worst..."

Since it was revealed a few weeks ago that Sonam Kapoor would be the sole Indian star to attend King Charles' coronation concert, she has been living the high life. She captivated everyone with her ensemble performance, but after her speech introducing the Commonwealth virtual choir went viral on social media, she was made fun of online. She was cruelly mocked online by others who took it upon themselves to praise the British Empire. 

Sonam is presented as "one of Indian cinema's biggest stars" in a video posted to the BollyBlindsNGossip subreddit. The actress accessorized her stunning white off-shoulder gown by Anamika Khanna and Emilia Wickstead with a delicate necklace and pair of dangling earrings. She is heard introducing Steve Winwood, who performed his well-known song Higher Love with a 70-piece orchestra, during her address.

Sonam Kapoor’s speech at the Coronation concert to celebrate King Charles III
by u/Big-Criticism-8926 in BollyBlindsNGossip

The actress continues in her one-minute statement by pointing out that while there may be parallels between the nations, each one is stunning due to its own history, culture, and diversity. She further adds, “Learning from our history, blessed by our diversity, driven by our values and determined to build a more peaceful, sustainable and prosperous future for everyone, where every voice is heard. Without further ado, here’s welcoming the incredible voices from across the Commonwealth.”

She was quickly criticized by internet users for glorifying individuals who pillaged the nation in the comment section of the viral video. One said, “What the actual fuck? She says “learning from history”? BC they looted our country!” Another said, “She literally isn’t good at anything.” Another one said, “Honestly, people like Sonam are the worst representation of India. Her absolute privilege and ignorance is appalling through and through. She came, she shamed her own, and she so called “throned herself” as the best.”

On a personal front, Sonam Kapoor and her longtime partner, businessman Anand Ahuja, got married in 2018. Vayu Kapoor Ahuja was born in August 2022 after the couple announced their pregnancy in March 2022. She has been highly engaged in discussing her pregnancy and responding to inquiries about her prenatal and postnatal experiences.

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