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Soma Rathod: I wait for Diwali all year!

Actress Soma Rathod, who plays the role of Ramvati in the show “May I come in Madam”Season 2 produced by Sanjay and Binaiferr Kohli, says that Diwali for her is always very special. And so, she makes sure everyone around her feels special as well.

“During Diwali, I don't usually have specific plans, but I really enjoy celebrating this festival, and I am eagerly waiting for it throughout the year. I have a team of around 70-80 people, and for Diwali, I like to get special gifts for everyone. This year, I chose to give T-shirts to the entire team. I also gifted silver rings to our hairstylist and draper, our designer. Every year, I make it a point to give thoughtful gifts to my entire team to express my gratitude. Diwali, for me, is about taking some time off work and focusing on home decorations, rangoli (colorful art), and lighting. I am passionate about keeping the house clean and beautifully adorned during this time. I also indulge in sweet treats and thoroughly enjoy the festive atmosphere. I eagerly anticipate Diwali for the joy of shopping, decorating, relishing sweets, and expressing my creativity through rangoli. The highlight of Diwali is the traditional pooja (prayer ceremony), and that's an essential part of the celebration for me. Overall, I look forward to Diwali every year, cherishing the moments of joy, camaraderie, and the festival spirit,” she says.

Talking about what Diwali means to her, she says, “For me, Diwali is the one festival I eagerly anticipate and go all out to celebrate. Unlike other festivals that I may not celebrate as enthusiastically, Diwali holds a special place in my heart. The preparations for Diwali kick off about 10-15 days in advance, involving a flurry of activities such as cleaning the house, making festive snacks, shopping for essentials, creating beautiful rangolis, setting up colourful lighting, preparing for the pooja, and exchanging gifts. To me, Diwali is more than just a day; it's a 10-day festival filled with excitement and preparations. The joy lies in coming together with family and friends, enjoying every aspect of the festivities. It's a time when I immerse myself in the spirit of Diwali, revelling in the joy of giving and receiving gifts, savouring delicious treats, and creating a vibrant and festive atmosphere at home. Diwali, for me, is a celebration that extends beyond a single day, making it a truly special and cherished time of the year.”

Ask her which has been her most memorable Diwali, and she says, “The most memorable Diwali for us is from our childhood when we were three siblings along with our parents. Around 3-4 days before Diwali, all five of us would come together to prepare a variety of snacks and sweets, known as farshaan. We used to make chikki, chiwada, namkeen, godpapdi, mohanthar, and other delicious treats. We would fill boxes with these homemade goodies, anticipating the arrival of guests during Diwali. The joy of preparing these snacks as a family, with everyone contributing, holds a special place in my heart. Unfortunately, such moments haven't been recreated since then.”

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