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Sneha Raikar on Udne Ki Aasha completing 100 episodes: The feeling is amazing

Actress Sneha Raikar, who plays the role of Shubha Jadhav in Rahul Tewary & Rolling Tales Production’s Shubha Jadhav, says that she is thrilled as the show crosses 100 episodes. She adds that the feeling of being part of it is amazing.

“The feeling of reaching a hundred episodes is amazing. The main thing is that we started in the top five and we're still in the top five. That’s something so wonderful. Seriously, it's very difficult to stay in the same place throughout so many episodes. It's something great,” she says.

She adds, “I think the credit goes to the whole team, right from the producer, writer, director, actor, creatives, costume, makeup, hair, lights, cameraman, assistants, spot boys—everyone! And of course, all the artists. Everyone is putting in so much effort. The telecast is from Monday to Sunday, so there is no rest. Everyone is shooting every day, and hats off to the whole team. Seriously. It is always said that theatre is the medium of actors, film is the medium of directors, and television serials are the medium of writers. So, of course, more credit goes to the writers because what they write, we perform and portray. So, they should know that it’s their creativity that has brought us to the top.”

Meanwhile, she says that the actors also share great chemistry. “The main thing is all our off-screen chemistry with each other is so good. Off the screen, we are all so good to each other, and I think that off-screen chemistry helps because we know that the character who is saying or doing something hurtful is not the person. So, when we are shooting, we are in our characters, but when we are not shooting, we are ourselves. I think it shows on screen, and that makes working more enjoyable when you have such a good team around,” she says.

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