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Simba Nagpal's character as Shakti earns a special place in heart of audience

While many television actors have proved their acting craft with proved their acting prowess with their performance in the telly space, actors with negative characters seem to earn a special place in the heart of the audience, if played out right. For instance, Simba Nagpal's negative role as Shakti in the show Naagin, has left left the audience mesmerized.

While most of the television audience loves to see the leading man play the good guy, we are witnesseing an exemplary exception with the lead actor of Naagin 6, Simba Nagpal who's playing the bad guy- Shakti. The actor switches from his positive to negative role seamlessly, but seems to have a seperate fan base for his character as Shakti. In the latest episode of the supernatural show, we saw the handsome hunk re-emerge as Shakti, and the actor's fans seem rather happy to see him back as the bar guy.

Simba who always wanted to play a dark character says that he takes help of metal music to help slip into his character. He also shares how he avoids speaking to people on the set to stay in his dark character. After the latest episode of Naagin 6, the actors fans took to social media to express their happiness to see his return as Shakti. 

One fan wrote, 'Sooo it's my lucky day! I was missing them so much nd here they are my 2 sweetu Rishabh n Shakti. I was clapping like a carzy girl when Shakti Was revealed. #SimbaNagpal what a acting dear. U r nailing both d character', while another fan wrote, '#SimbaNagpal nailed it as double role, best actor'. The actors fans seem to be rather obsessed with this side of him, and wonder how he can seem to charming despite of playing a negative character.

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