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Shubham Dipta draws inspiration from Sonu Nigam for his character in COLORS' 'Mangal Lakshmi'

COLORS’ ‘Mangal Lakshmi’ has been captivating viewers with its heartfelt narrative, portraying the journey of two sisters navigating life's challenges while striving for mutual respect in their relationships. In this touching family drama, Mangal (portrayed by Deepika Singh) emerges as a guardian and confidante to her sister Lakshmi (played by Sanika Amit). Despite facing her own marital struggles, Mangal tirelessly seeks a partner who will cherish Lakshmi. Eventually, she discovers Kartik (portrayed by Shubham Dipta) as one of the eligible suitors for her sister. After garnering immense love from the audience for his portrayal, Shubham Dipta, who plays the role of a rockstar, opens up about his preparations. He reveals how he drew inspiration from Sonu Nigam for his character. Wanting to leave no stone unturned, he even dedicatedly followed Nigam’s riyaaz techniques. 

Speaking on drawing inspiration from Sonu Nigam, Shubham says, "Portraying a rockstar in the show feels like a dream come true for me, especially since I love singing in real life too. I’ve been a fan of Sonu Nigam’s music and I feel I manifested this role for me because my character's name is also Kartik Nigam. I was drawn to the way Sonu Nigam carries himself — always down to earth and genuine. My character is very much like my role model. Kartik is totally opposite of the stereotypical image of a rockstar. He's humble and cares about everyone around him. I’m grateful for this opportunity and to the viewers for giving me a lot of love." 

Watch the tale of two sisters ‘Mangal Lakshmi’ airing every day at 9:00 pm only on COLORS!

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