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Shehnaaz Gill calls herself smarter than a dolphin

Shehnaaz Gill’s chat show Desi Vibes with Shehnaaz Gill has been enjoying popularity since its launch in November last year. The show, which streams on her YouTube channel has welcomed several Bollywood actors and prominent personalities of the entertainment world. Recently, comedian-turned-actor Kapil Sharma came to promote his upcoming film Zwigato.

In a recently released teaser In the video, the two were presumably talking about mimicking or copying someone, as Shehnaaz said, “Nakal karne mein bhi akal lagti hai, jo sabke paas nahi hai (You need smartness to copy someone too).” Referring to the word akal, which means intelligence, she added, “Mera Dolphin se bhi zyada hai (I am sharper than a dolphin). As a confused Kapil asked her if dolphins are really intelligent, she replied, “Haan, jaanwaron mein uska dimag sabse zyada hota hai, par mera usse zyada hai (They are the smartest among animals, but I am smarter than them).”

The conversation left the comedian in splits It is evident from the comment section that fans are excited to catch the two having fun in the upcoming episode. One user wrote, “Both favourites!!” While another fan commented, “Very funny episode hone wala hai.” 


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