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Sheezan Khan’s fans want him to be seen as Jadugar in his next project; They have already started posting on social media

Actor Sheezan Khan is extremely popular for his portrayal of Ali Baba in Ali Baba: Dastaan-E-Kabul. Whether it was his good performance or his on-screen personality in the show, Sheezan has won a lot of hearts. Interestingly, his popularity has reached a wide array of audiences from a 5-year-old to a 70-year-old. In the last couple of months, Sheezan has been focusing on his health and personal growth. But his fans are his constant support in his journey. Recently, when he posted a couple of his old photographs with long hair  where he is seen on horses, his fans started messaging him. There will be a new show titled Jadugar that will be coming soon on the same channel where Ali Baba used to stream. His die-hard fans started writing things like ‘Sheezan please go for Jadugar auditions’. Another one wrote ‘Sheezan will be the ideal choice for Jadugar’.
They have also mentioned with a hashtag that they want Sheezan as Jadugar. Sheezan also got a lot of direct messages on his social media asking him to go for the auditions. Sheezan is definitely overwhelmed with all the love from his fans. And it is indeed an actor’s achievement when his work has been appreciated in the level that fans want that actor to be the hero of a new show. Sheezan as Ali Baba has been widely popular and it is commendable that at such a young age, Sheezan has been able to cement that position in his fans' hearts. Let’s wait patiently for Sheezan’s comeback to the fantasy genre where he has ruled as an actor.

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