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Seerat Kapoor talks about playing Mannat in Prateek Sharma’s Rabb Se Hai Dua

Seerat Kapoor has joined Prateek Sharma’s “Rabb Se Hai Dua” as Mannat for the post-leap sequence. It is taking a leap of 22 years, and she will play one of Dua’s daughters. The show revolves around a Muslim family and the actress reveals that it wasn’t easy to adapt to the mannerism and tone of the Urdu language. 

She said, “I did a lot of homework as I wanted it to be very natural and authentic. I did not want to make any mistakes in speaking this beautiful language. We had workshops and I read and listened to a bunch of stuff. It wasn’t a cakewalk, but it was so much fun. The difficulty makes it interesting, you get to learn so many new things.”

Speaking about her character, she shared that Mannat is a very strong and confident girl, who is clear of her goals and aspirations. She added, “She is ambitious but also childlike, which I really liked about her. She is very multi-layered and has many shades. She fights for the rights of others as well as for herself so she is different from everyone.”

Seerat had earlier revealed that she relates to her character a lot, but is trying not to take her character home. “As an actor, I am learning not to do it. It is something that requires practice, so I am learning to be self-aware at all times.”

The show is already quite popular among the audience and the cast is deeply loved. Asked if there is any kind of pressure as far the performance and feedback is concerned, she said, “The show has garnered a lot of praise and appreciation from the audience and we just hope that we can also do our best and bring it to the next level.”

She also went on to appreciate Prateek Sharma and said that he was one of the reasons she wanted to do the show. “The first reason that I wanted to do this show was Prateek Sharma sir, our producer. I had already heard such good things about him and his team and I had also watched the amazing shows he had previously made. It honestly feels like a new family has welcomed us and that makes us want to work harder too,” Seerat ended.

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