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Sara Ali Khan reveals blackmailing her parents

Sara Ali Khan admitted that she and her brother Ibrahim Ali Khan have played the victim card with their divorced parents, Amrita Singh and Saif Ali Khan. She said that since she and her brother were brought up by her mother after separation, they used to play victim card and ask their father Saif to give them what they want.

Sara was questioned if she had ever gaslighted her parents, when she was younger. The actress confesses that she till date gaslights her parents, as there was a time when Saif wasn’t in contact with his kids after his divorce. She went on to explain that no matter what the age she and her brother Ibrahim Ali Khan always played the victim card, so that their parents would buy them whatever they wanted.

She qouted , “Sometimes, we played the victim card. Like the obvious way, in my family dynamic. Like, 'Abba is not here mummy, give this to us,' at the age of 11, or, 'Abba, you don't live with us, give this to us,' at the age of 15. Replace 11 and 15 with 26.”

Sara Added, “Sara said, “Even at the age of nine-years-old, I think I had the maturity to see that these two people living together in our home were not happy. And suddenly, they were much happier living in two new homes. For instance, my mom, who I don’t think had laughed in 10 years, was suddenly happy, beautiful, and excited, like she deserves to be. Why would I be unhappy if I have two happy parents in two happy homes?” 

On the work front, Sara will be next seen in her upcoming film Gaslight, which also stars Vikrant Massey and Chitrangada Singh in lead roles.




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