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Salman Khan Death Threats: A lookout circular launched for Indian student in UK for sending threats

Recent reports state that the Mumbai Police have issued a lookout circular (LOC) on a guy who is allegedly responsible for sending Salman Khan threatening emails. The suspect has been revealed to be a Haryana native who is attending medical school in the UK. In March of this year, he reportedly threatened the actor through email while posing as the gangster Goldy Brar. The suspect's identity has not yet been made public since the legal procedure to have him extradited to India is still ongoing.

According to rumors, the third-year medical student will finish his degree this year and return to India. After hearing about the threatening email being sent to the actor in the media, the police authorities said that it was a joke. On this topic, more information is awaited. 

Recently, Salman during his appearance on the popular chat show ‘Aap Ki Adalat’, opened up about how he is dealing with the constant death threats and even talked about receiving the Y+ category security by Mumbai Police. The 57-year-old actor was quoted saying, “Security is better than insecurity. Yes, security is there. Now it is not possible to ride a bicycle on the road and go alone anywhere. And more than that, now I have this problem that when I am in traffic, then there is so much security, vehicles creating inconvenience to other people. They also give me a look and my poor fans. There is a serious threat that’s why there is security.” 

The actor added, “I am doing whatever I have been told. There is a dialogue ‘Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan’ they have to be lucky 100 times, I have to be lucky once.’ So, I got to be very careful.” Salman even confessed to getting scared seeing so many guns around him. He also revealed whenever he goes he ensures to go with full security. 

“I know whatever is going to happen will happen no matter what you do. I believe that (points towards God) that he is there. It is not that I will start roaming freely, it is not like that. Now there are so many Sheras around me, so many guns are going around with me that I am myself scared these days,” Salman further asserted.

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