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Saba Azad bothered by her love life?

Saba Azad, an accomplished actress and singer, is frequently in the news for her relationship with Hrithik Roshan, the Greek God of Bollywood. On their first date in January 2022, the couple instantly bonded. They eventually made public appearances in the city to make their romance official. Saba recently discussed her friendship with Hrithik. Fans have been interested in learning more about their personal life since they made their romance official.

Recently she was asked if she gets bothered by the attention to her personal life, Saba said, "If one was to go to work, anywhere else, to any other field, you go to work, you come back home, nobody is discussing your personal life. Your personal life is your business. But I find this is one industry where it would be discussed. But having said that, let’s not talk further about it."

Saba gave a performance on Saturday in Mumbai. Attending the occasion and supporting Saba were Sussanne and her boyfriend Arslan Goni. Even Hrithik, whose cousin Pashmina Roshan is soon to make her Bollywood debut, was spotted attending the occasion. 


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