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Research and consult a professional before following tips from social media: Celebs speak on doctor's remarks on following medical advice given by random influencers

Zerodha CEO Nithin Kamath, a few weeks ago shared that he suffered a mild stroke, and is recovering well. While the news came as a shock to everyone, what caught their attention was the caution from doctors asking people not to follow any medical advice given by random influencers on social media. Celebrities have expressed their opinion on this, and here’s what they had to say:
Jason Tham
The problem with our society is that we have given too much control to others to influence us without making our own analysis. Social media is no longer a safe place like before. It’s all about the likes, the subscribers, and the money. I won’t say all of them are like that. Many are there genuinely to help and give informed suggestions. But it’s annoying to see influencers without proper knowledge about health. One of the biggest pros and cons of our democratic country is that you can say or teach everything and anything you want. I just feel that at the end, it’s on us and what we choose to do with that information.
Sara Khan
Knowledge is important, but it is also very important to get the knowledge from the right source. We must never blindly follow anyone. I believe today people believe in the number of followers and not the influencers. I will not blame people trying to gain views or followers, but as a viewer, it’s their responsibility to consult the right person before doing anything to themselves. We, as viewers, need to keep our eyes open. It’s good to look up to someone to get better or to get successful, but if you do it blindly without using your brain, you can harm yourself. ⁠I always study and consult with the concerned person before I add any regime to my daily lifestyle. I'm still trying to understand the meaning of influencers these days. A large number of followers can give anyone the tag of an influencer.
Sheeba Akashdeep
Social media has actually made people a bit insane, and it's very difficult to separate the truth from fiction. You have to be extremely vigilant and careful about who you follow and what advice you take to heart. People are posting random stuff without proper research and education. There are many web MDs who have actually learned everything from the web, and it's dangerous. You have to be careful about what you do. I do not follow any influencer blindly. I prefer to do research. If I feel something is making sense, I will do my own research. This influencer thing has gone very wrong because people need to know that all that they see on social media is not necessarily true. You have to check and use your own brain.
Mrunal Jain
It is depressing to observe that influencers without the necessary qualifications are giving out health advice in the current digital era. Indeed, there are concerns about public health associated with the influencer trend if it is not handled carefully. It is vital that you understand the possible hazards linked to adhering to unskilled advice. Some people can be posting just to get likes and views, unaware of the responsibility that comes with guiding others in their choices about their health. If viewers blindly believe these influencers, that's problematic. I'm picky about who I follow and give preference to reliable sources.

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