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Ranbir Kapoor wishes a pap good luck on embracing fatherhood and requests to see the baby's photo later

Ranbir Kapoor has a history of being combative with the media and the paparazzi, but he has been working hard to rectify this. A recent popular video offers confirmation of this. After Ranbir learned that the Brahmastra star was going to be a father, the actor has been capturing hearts with his endearing gesture towards a pap.

Well, Ranbir has definitely changed after accepting parenthood! Recently, the 40-year-old actor was sighted in the city, and a paparazzi told him that he is about to become a parent. As a surprise congratulations, Ranbir extended his hand for a handshake and told the photographer to reveal the baby's image later.  

Fans naturally gushed endlessly over RK's kind act and dubbed him the most sincere star in the business. Ranbir had personally invited all the photographers to Raha's birth, shown them a picture of his daughter, and demanded that they not take or publish the shot.

Fans and internet users expressed their admiration for Ranbir Kapoor with adorable comments. One user said, "He is Nice, Pure Soul, pta nahi isko kyu log troll krte hai". One user commented, "He is congratulating a pap for being a father. People can't even read before commenting".

Ranbir Kapoor and his wife Alia Bhatt went to an event at the Mumbai Press Club on a Wednesday night earlier this year, when he spoke candidly about his evolving relationship with the paparazzi over time.

Ranbir Kapoor, recalling his past equation with the paparazzi said, "Main sach kahun toh jab mai jawaan tha tab mera media aur paparazzi ke sath hamesha chattis ka akda tha. Uss time mujhe akal nahi thi toh aisa hi lagta tha ke ye log mere dushman hain aur main jo kuchh kar raha hu ye mujhe expose kar rahe hain (To be honest, when I was younger, I and paparazzi did not get along. I used to think that they are my enemy and that they want to expose me)."

However, Ranbir’s equation changed over the years, he added: "But jaise abhi bada hua hun, jaise aur age hui hai toh samajh mein aya hai ke jaise mera kaam hai acting, waise aapka kaam hai photos lena. Its a symbiotic relationship aur ye hamesha jaari rehna chahiye (As I grew up, I realised that just like my work is to act, your job is to take photographs. It's a symbiotic relationship and that is how it should be)."

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