Radha Mohan actor Ranveer Singh Malik Unveils Shocking Plot Twist in Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan

Actor Ranveer Singh Malik, who plays Rahul in the hit tv show "Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan," produced by Prateek Sharma's (Studio LSD) recently opened up about the dramatic and suspense-filled plot twist that is set to captivate viewers in the coming episodes.

As fans of the show eagerly anticipate the next chapter in Radha and Mohan's life, the actor disclosed a jaw-dropping storyline that promises to take the serial to new heights of excitement.

Ranveer disclosed details of the impending narrative saying, "Once again, our show is filled with intense excitement," he adds, "There's a terrorist plot unfolding, and I've seen them building a bomb and planning to hijack the plane that Radha, Mohan and Gungun are on."

Describing the electrifying twists and turns in the storyline, Ranveer explained how his character's evolution has been a central element. "My character has evolved a lot since the beginning of the show," he revealed. "I used to be negative towards everyone, but gradually, I've become more positive, especially towards Gungun, who I deeply love in the show. This change in my character has shifted from a grey shade to a positive one."

The actor expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to showcase his versatility as an actor, a crucial factor in his character's growth. "As an actor, I'm very thankful for the opportunity to display my versatility, which has been crucial for my character's growth," he said.

He also hinted at the valuable lesson embedded within the upcoming plotline, stating, "Viewers will enjoy this intense drama as it comes with a valuable lesson. It's full of suspense, and the audience will be eagerly anticipating what happens next."

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