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Pukaar dil se dil tak: Will Saraswati and Gautam survive this horrific accident?

Sony Entertainment Television’s riveting family drama, ‘Pukaar – Dil Se Dil Tak’,  is a compelling narrative about love, loss, and redemption. Set against the backdrop of Jaipur, the show traces the journey of a mother and her two daughters, who are tragically separated by a wicked scheme. As fate would have it, the paths of Saraswati, Vedika, and Koel will unknowingly converge once again, and together, they must confront the forces who tore their family apart. In the previous episode, viewers have witnessed Saraswati went into labor and tried to call Gautam, but he was in a meeting and Rajeshwari hid his phone; after his presentation, Rajeshwari informed him, and Gautam rushed to the hospital where doctors mentioned that Saraswati and kids are not doing okay but later as soon as the doctor put’s both the kids near sarswati they all start to breathe again.

In the upcoming episode on May 28th 2024, Gautam and Saraswati will be traveling with their little daughters, enjoying their moments together. And, a truck will hit their car, causing a tragic accident where both girls will be thrown out of the car while Gautam and Saraswati are stuck inside. Will they survive this horrific accident?

Tune into Pukaar - Dil Se Dil Tak at 8:30 pm every Monday to Friday only on Sony Entertainment Television!

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