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Priyanka Chopra spends the day off with Nick & Maltie!

As the family travelled to Malibu for a day picnic on Sunday, Priyanka Chopra shared a few candid photos of herself, her daughter Malti, and husband Nick Jonas. Priyanka simply captioned the images "Sunday" while adding the loving eyes and folded hands emojis. The three-person family enjoyed some time in the sun on the beach and some time at a restaurant with a seaside view.

In the first image, all three of them are included in the frame. Black winter casuals are visible on both Priyanka and Nick. Malti, who is wearing a yellow hooded dress and white tights, is seen with Priyanka carrying her in her arms. With a heart emoticon on the image, her face is obscured. A photo of Priyanka and Malti distantly observing the sea is shown after that. Malti is seen standing on the railing with Priyanka's assistance to take in the view while wearing a white t-shirt without a hood. With Malti in Priyanka's arms, the third image is a long shot of the group of them standing on the beach. 

Many of Priyanka's followers questioned her about posting Malti's pictures but keeping her face hidden. One of such comments read: “Why are closing her face, stop posting her till you are ready to show us her face.” Many of her fans took it upon themselves to defend her. A fan replied, “It's ok she's a mother it's her wish... sometime people's are afraid of evil eye's not a problem if she hides. Its not about celebrities but it's all about mothers care towards her child...stay bless you and family, may god protect you from everything amen.” Another wrote, “If you don’t like it then don’t follow her!! She is so proud of being a mother, but also has the right to protect her daughter however she wants!! God bless you & Nick such a beautiful family #maltimariechoprajonas.” One more said, “A lot of celebrities do this and it's their baby so they can show as much or as little as they want. Looked like a fun day.” 



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