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Priyanka Chopra opens up on making her Indian coworkers feel at home in Los Angeles!

One of the most well-known faces of Indian representation on the international stage is Priyanka Chopra. The star also enjoys inviting her Indian coworkers to her Los Angeles home for lunch or dinner. She recently discussed her personal experience starting over in the West and why she now prefers to make her Indian coworkers feel at home when they visit Los Angeles.

She attended the London premiere of her next web series, Citadel, when the actor was currently in the UK. She had lately taken her daughter Malti Marie on her first trip to India. 

In an interview during her India visit, Priyanka talked about how any Indian actor who goes abroad wishes to meet her and she is always happy to help. She said, “Mujhe phone aata hai aur main chahti bhi hu ki phone aaye. Aap kisi ko nahi jaante hain, aap set pe jaate hain, kaam kar rahe hain, ghar aarahe hain aur phir kya? Deewarein kaatne ko aati hain. Apni community ko chhod ke, apne khaane ko chhod ke, apni family ko chhod ke, familiraity, friends sab kujh chhod ke waha jana. Bahut mushkil tha mere liye (People do call me and I want them to call me. You know no one, you reach the set, work, go home and then what? The loneliness come to bite you. Leaving my community, my cuisine, family, familiarity, friends, everything…it was very difficult for me).” 

She went on saying, “Isiliye mere liye bahut zaruri hai mera ghar jo hai na, meri industry ke logo ke liye dekho hamari ladki hai waha pe, aajao mere ghar khana khane ke liye. Boney ji aajao aajao (that is why it is important for me that my house is always open for those from my industry, they can say that it's our girl. Come over to my house for lunch/dinner. Boney ji come).” 

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