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Priyanka Chopra opens up on how she deals with 'Trolls, Comments & Bullying', says "You can talk about me I can't stop you"

Priyanka Chopra recently visited Mumbai as she prepares for the release of her Prime Video series Citadel. She recently discussed her time in Bollywood, claiming in an interview that she felt "pushed into the corner" and was "tired of the politics" in the movie business. 

The star recently discussed how she has prepared herself to handle the insults and the trolls in an open chat.  

Priyanka was asked how she deals with the comments and the bullying that has come along her way. To this Priyanka responded, "I came to terms with the byproduct of fame very early in my career. When I first joined the industry I quickly realized that women specifically, but generally actors are more written about- and this is a you thing, like a media thing. People like to write about everything else but their achievements. Media likes to write about how they fell on a stage how they tripped up on a word, or anything...especially for women, that time it was written about who's her boyfriend, who is she seeing. So you had no identity, it happened right at the beginning of my career. So I took a decision to keep my private life very private. I was ferociously private about it. I've never ever spoken about it and it is something that I maintain even now." 

She further opened up on her position as a public figure inherently entails the consequence of being in the media, Priyanka said, "I am a public figure which means most of my life is for consumption. You can talk about me I can't stop you. You can sit and eat bread with your grandparents and say ‘Accha usne toh yeh pehna tha. usne toh ye kia tha. Uska toh ye hua tha. Main toh nahi rok sakti.' (Oh, she wore this, she did that. She had done this. I can’t stop that.) I can't come in to your houses and do that. So I have to make peace with the fact that that's going to happen and I did that very early. I started protecting myself by creating a really tight circle of people that I trust. My team, my family, my friends."

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