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Priyanka Chahar Choudhary's power-packed performance in a task despite biasedness wins hearts

Actress Priyanka Chahar Choudhary is trending on social media with a new title 'Sherni' given to her by her fans. In the reality show Bigg Boss the actress was seen fighting like a lioness against the group in the captaincy task. She raised her voice against the biasedness of Sanchalak Sajid Khan and kept playing the game till the end. 

The actress received lots of love from fans and viewers because she continued to play and did not give up despite the biasedness. She also impressed the Bigg Boss fans by standing against Sajid Khan and voicing out biased behavior. She not only took the class of Sajid Khan but also played a fair game which made her win hearts. 

Priyanka is coming out as a very strong competitor and portraying winning quality. Competitor in the show actor Shiv Thakre recently mentioned Priyanka in a task and said, "Mujhe bohot strong contestant lagti hai woh". This is not the first time the actress has received a comment from the housemates. She has time and again shown her fans, celebrity guests, and housemates that she is in the house to win and posed a threat to other contestants. 

The actress has shown tremendous growth and taken feedback received on the show very seriously. She is seen implementing the feedback immediately as she receives them. Her honest attempt has made fans love her even more.

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