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Pathaan : A Paisa Wasool Blockbuster

Mumbai : Shah Rukh Khan’s  Pathaan has been creating waves at the box office not only domestically, but globally as well. The YRF spy thriller, also starring Deepika Padukone and John Abraham, has made a considerable dent at the ticket counters, and has already crossed Rs 500 crore mark internationally with its first weekend collection. The team of Pathaan gathered together at an event in Mumbai to speak of the film’s stupendous success.

Shah Rukh Khan showering his gratitude shared ,“I am truly grateful for everyone who have been showering so much love to Pathaan. The entire team was busy putting together the movie for everyone. On behalf of the entire Bollywood Industry I want to thank everyone for bringing life back to the theatres.”

King Khan who took a back sabbatical for past 4 years shared his feeling he said , “The four years that  I had no release had both and good phase for me, the good part was I could see my children grow up and could spend quality time with them. I learnt cooking as well during that time as I thought if not an actor I would end up owning a restaurant someday. My genuine desire when I work is that I want to make people happy and this time especially I could do that along with the people who are so close to me. Aditya Chopra and Siddharth Anand chose me during a phase when My films weren’t working on the box office they trusted me also working with Deepika Padukone has been spellbound. The 4 days of success has made me forget the 4 years.”

Deepika sharing her experiences mentioned , “We didn’t set out to break records we just wanted to make a good film. We had a splendid time shooting with this team , it’s such a lovely atmosphere to work . The intension of making the movie was so pure and was only to spread love”

The actress recently visited the gaiety galaxy shared her experience , "It felt amazing , to experience this kind of world there was a feeling of a festive celebration in the air . When you work with honesty an integrity and you see so much love coming your way it all feels worth it.”

SRK Added , “I was low on confidence I was scared but I keep going because the weaker you are the stringer you become but everyone in this film has only wished this film to work for me”

Opening up on doing Pathaan 2 Khan Said , “ Whenever Siddharth Anand wants me to do Pathaan 2, I'll do it. If they want to make a sequel, it'll be my honour to do it,”

Pathaan, directed by Siddharth Anand, stars Shah Rukh Khan in the title role, a RAW agent who teams up with Deepika Padukone's character to tackle a terror threat from agent-gone-rogue Jim, played by John Abraham.

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