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Nurturing Art and Aspirations: Bhakti Rathod's Ode to World Theatre Day

In the bustling world of entertainment, where lights and cameras often steal the limelight, theatre stands as a timeless stage where artists are born, nurtured, and celebrated. As the world gears up to commemorate World Theatre Day, Bhakti Rathod, a name synonymous with dedication and creativity, shares her heartfelt connection with this revered art form.

For Bhakti Rathod, theatre isn't just a stage; it's a nurturing parent, a guiding light, and a cherished mentor. "Theatre is like a parent to me. It looks after me. It teaches me. It provides me my fodder as an artist. I always look at it like an infant looks at its mother," she reflects, highlighting the profound impact theatre has had on her journey as an artist.

Her bond with theatre transcends the mere act of performing; it's a deep-rooted connection that has shaped her perspective and approach towards her craft. "I always want to pay my respects to it by doing my bit to help it thrive for the next generation of thespians and audiences," she emphasizes, showcasing her commitment to preserving and enriching the theatrical legacy for future generations.

Bhakti Rathod's reverence for theatre extends beyond words into impactful actions. Reflecting on a pivotal moment in her career, she recalls, "I once had an opportunity to do something for theatre, and I created a national platform called 'Bhavai' with the help of the cultural ministry of Maharashtra, where I received over 50 drama applications from Kashmir to Hyderabad the very first year." This initiative not only provided a platform for budding artists but also underscored Bhakti's unwavering dedication to nurturing the theatrical landscape.

As the world celebrates World Theatre Day, Bhakti Rathod's story serves as a poignant reminder of the transformative power of theatre and its enduring influence on artists worldwide. Her journey is a testament to the profound impact of this art form, which continues to inspire and enrich lives across generations.

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