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Nimrit Remains the most loved face, BB proves it ,Fandom proves it and the entire TV viewing family proves it …. ALL OVER !

Some people have this wrong notion about themselves that, they have achieved it all and they start belittling others on sheer vanity. We all are witnessing the menacing ways of Sajid Khan but little does he know, how bad it is reflecting upon his own self .

Fandom of Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia are deeply hurt and aghast upon watching yesterday’s episode, wherein contestant Sajid to cover up his own mistake is  portraying both Nimrit and Abdu as erroneous.  Fact of the matter is that it is Sajid and  Sajid Khan alone whose is polluting a pure bond of friendship. Firstly, Sajid by repeated utterances is seen “Gaslighting” a situation and when Nimrit is explaining facts to Abdu, Sajid dilutes the same interjecting joke of Joginder/ Parminder to convey to Abdu that whatever Nimrit is saying ( ie., she is seeing someone) is a joke and not true. It is on record that not once but at-least six times Nimrit has explained to Abdu that they are good friends, that they are Best Friends, that there is age difference,that she is seeing someone outside because Nimrit being “Mature Contestant”, is fully aware that Abdu has Teenage Crush.  Nimrit in one of the conversations mentions that Abdu is currently in “Teenage Crush Space”. For anyone to colour this pure bond with any sort of  Love angle amounts to  nothing but ridiculous . It was remarkable to witness Nimrit saying loud and clear to Sajid, “ Why  are you blaming me- I am not Shalin”. Nimrit is a sorted real contestant, who is well aware of the age barrier. In yet another conversation with Shalin, Nimrit is witnessed discussing that, “she is looking for someone who is Intellectually Sound and matches her, while monetary status is secondary for her”, and Shalin agrees with Nimrit that finding  such a person is not an easy proportion”, in itself proves the fact that Nimrit went to BB-16 alone, Nimrit made lasting friends and alliances on her own, Nimrit continues to play alone. Nimrit is fun loving, jovial person who invests her 100% in any friendship and gives the best to save that bond. In last 75 days Nimrit hasn’t been seen or heard cracking a deal with anyone either to get ration or to save her from nominations or to get easy household  chores and rather is seen helping Abdu, in whatever little way she can because She cares for ABDU as some of the male contestants do. It is her nature to respect elders addressing seniors as ‘Sir’or rush to help someone in a situation when the other person needs help- be it Shalin, Tina, Sumbhul, Shiv, Stan or for that matter Archna 

It’s now established that Sajid has his own insecurities from Nimrit and is worked up realising how strong Nimrit is. He has suddenly woken up and commenced targeting- Nimdu cutest duo together, creating wedge amongst them and is treading on a path, which the audience is  appalled with.

Nimrit, being an Army kid , has had her schooling in 08 different States of this  Country, that has shaped her personality to reach out to people from any socio economic cultural background and as a result has friends spread across all over this Diverse Nation.

Perhaps, Sajid  you are also not aware that Nimrit has travelled abroad on ‘Student Cultural Exchange Programs” which  has further  broadened her approach towards people hailing from different Social Cultural Religious International backgrounds, which is clearly seen in her personality as She cares for Abdu from that perspective of an international guest in BB.

Nimrit is a strong girl and her true  persona and personality, so shaped in her yesteryears, is shedding light on the REAL side of many other inmates of Bigg Boss.

Hence, advice for ONE and ALL Stop Gaslighting, Stop Polluting Friendships, Stop Rolling Out False Narratives that the audience are witnessing and appreciating .This friendship has evolved  on a foundation of Innocence and Purity, that will survive all such fabricated attempts to create ripples . Longevity of this Friendship of two International Artists will be testimony in the history of Biggboss.

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