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Next on COLORS’ ‘Laxmi Narayan’: Will Hayagreev shatter the divine couple's marriage?

COLORS showcases the epic saga of the universe's ideal couple, Goddess Laxmi, and Lord Vishnu, with 'Laxmi Narayan – Sukh Saamarthya Santoolan' spearheaded by Srikant Dwivedi as Lord Narayan and Shivya Pathania as Goddess Laxmi. Garnering the love of viewers, the mythological saga unlocks the treasure trove of Sukh, Saamarthya, and Santoolan as it explores the origins of marital traditions. In its current storyline, as Laxmi creates the celestial Ksheersagar and Narayan establishes the heavenly abode of Vaikunth, a formidable challenge arises from the mighty Hayagreev. He demands a grand swayamvar for Laxmi’s hand before the divine Mahadev. Laxmi accepts the demand for swayamvar, but with a condition – she will marry only the one who can break the indestructible Sudarshan Chakra, or no force shall stop her from marrying her beloved Narayan. As contenders either fail or withdraw from the challenge, Hayagreev himself gives his best but falls short, unable to break the powerful chakra. Through this swayamvar, the sacred jai maala ritual is birthed, and the divine union of Laxmi and Narayan is ordained.


Determined to break their bond by any means necessary, Hayagreev forces the sage Kashyap to create a powerful weapon that destroys the chakra. Meanwhile, the marriage of Laxmi and Narayan gives birth to various sacred rituals, including the revered mangalam mantra. Hayagreev's newly forged weapon can only be used once, and on the advice of Diti, he reluctantly steps back from interfering in the divine marriage. However, shortly after the celestial union, Hayagreev confronts the newly wedded couple, Laxmi and Narayan, with the intent to shatter their bond. He unleashes the destroyer weapon, but the power of their marriage - Gathjod proves invincible, and Hayagreev's weapon is destroyed, cementing the supreme importance of the sacred marital bond. Defeated and enraged, Hayagreev attempts to take revenge by unleashing Maha Pralay, a cataclysmic event that threatens to destroy the entire creation. Laxmi and Narayan take the Matsya avatar and with the help of the great devotee Manu save all forms of life from extinction, restoring balance and harmony to the universe.


Watch ‘Laxmi Narayan Sukh Saamarthya Santoolan’ every Monday to Friday at 10:00 pm only on COLORS.

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