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Naseeruddin Shah Claims 'Sindhi No Longer Spoken In Pakistan’; Pakistani Actress Mansha Pasha comments, "I beg to differ...”

While promoting his new series Taj: Divided By Blood Season 2, veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah has been making some startling statements in talks with the media. He asserted that Sindhi is no longer used in Pakistan in a recent interview when he discussed the many languages spoken there. Mansha Pasha, a Pakistani actor, disagrees with Naseeruddin's statement, claiming that as a proud Sindhi, she speaks the language in her home.

Naseeruddin in an interview mentioned, “They have Balochi, they have Bari, they have Siraiki and they have Pushto. Sindhi is, of course, no longer spoken in Pakistan.” Mansha took to her Twitter handle to react to this and tweeted, “As a proud Sindhi who speaks the language within her household, I beg to differ.”Netizens on social media harshly criticised Naseeruddin's remark. One user said, “Sindhi is official language of Sindh state of Pakistan and spoken by 3 crore Pakistanis at least.” Another said, “Married in a proud Sindhi family where everyone speaks Sindhi, it’s a beautiful language, trying and hoping for my kids to learn the language too… I can only understand though.” 

As a proud Sindhi who speaks the language within her household, I beg to differ.

— Mansha Pasha (@manshapasha) June 6, 2023

One of the comments can be read, “Can someone tell him Sindh has Sindhi as a compulsory language? I’d also like to invite him to Karachi airport where there is more Sindhi being spoken than any other language including Urdu. Honestly, tired of Bollywood actors trying to sound knowledgeable abt Pak. Stay in your lanes pls and only talk abt your films ok tx bye.”

As 'Taj: Divided By Blood' enters its second season, Naseeruddin Shah is resuming his role as Akbar. Salim Chisti, played by Dharmendra, is featured in a special appearance. Mirza Hakim is portrayed by Rahul Bose, Jodha Bai by Sandhya Mridul, and Queen Salima Begum by Zarina Wahab. Zee5 will debut the second half of the season on June 2, 2023. 

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