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Mrunal Thakur reveals why she shared her crying picture

Recently Mrunal got her fans worried when she posted a picture of herself on her insta story where she was seen crying and captioned it, “Yesterday was tough. But today I’m stronger, wiser and happy! Everybody has pages in their stories they don’t read out loud but I’m choosing to read mine out loud – because maybe someone out needs to learn the lesson I learnt. Taking one day at a time! It’s ok to be naive and vulnerable.”

Thakur, known for movies such as "Love, Sonia", "Super 30" and "Sita Ramam", said she felt at ease after she vented out her emotions. "Sometimes you want to hear good things, you want that push from someone and after putting that post out, I felt so relaxed. Most people have stopped being vulnerable. There are days when we feel low, sad, we feel under confident but that does not mean that a big word (depression) is to be used. There is a thin line between feeling low and seeking help. I am just saying don't be afraid of being vulnerable, just own it,"

She also added, "In today's world, especially with social media, everything looks nice, pretty and aspirational, but trust me there is a lot of hard work that goes behind that. There are a lot of problems that the actor or the personality faces. So, that post was just to normalise feeling vulnerable. Today, I feel like I have heard my inner voice in a world, where there are so many voices around me. I choose to listen to my inner voice. So I am really happy."

On the work front, Mrunal Thakur was recently seen in a special dance number with Akshay Kumar for Selfiee.

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