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Mehul Vyas on Ranveer-Deepika Koffee With Karan incident: As far as Ranveer and Deepika are concerned, my view is that as a couple they have come a long way

Following Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh’s appearance in the celebrity chat show, Koffee With Karan, many questions arose about Deepika dating other men, including Ranveer Singh, before they committed to each other. She said that while she was seeing him, she was also meeting other men, but kept coming back to him. While some people feel that this is a red flag in a relationship, others say that it’s normal to kiss many frogs till you find your prince. Actor Mehul Vyas shares his opinion.

"No one is perfect, neither are our relations. Relationships require constant work and we nurture it with our efforts. Like how everyone is different, All relationships are different. As far as Ranveer and Deepika are concerned, My view is that as a couple they have come a long way. They have steered their way through thick and thin," he says.

Deciding on the perfect partner is not an easy job. "Well I don't have any such parameters. What matters is how much work we collectively are ready to put in to make the relationship work. How committed we are to make it work. Small small things really matter.," he explains.

Is dating another actor a good or bad idea? Mehul replies,"One's profession doesn't really matter while dating. What matters is how we are as people in the relationship and how much we understand, support and encourage each other. So it doesn't matter if one dates an actor or not. Two actors dating each other have their advantages and disadvantages. If the feelings are genuine, People do find ways to make a relationship work and be happy together," he signs off.

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