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Megha Chakraborty's birthday plans!

Megha Chakraborty is turning a year older on May 3 and all set to ring in the day with some impromptu plans. The actor, who plays the lead in Imlie, is going to spend the day with her loved ones.

“Since I have been shooting non-stop, I couldn't plan anything with my friends as such. But, I think my friends are up to something. I have taken leave on my birthday, so let’s see what can be done on the day. I may go out somewhere. Given a choice, I would have loved to meet my family in Kolkata but that isn't happening,” she says.

Megha's birthday ritual is cake cutting and wearing new clothes. “I do that every year. This makes me feel special and happy,” she adds.

Her most memorable birthday gift was given by her parents a few years back. “They surprised me by coming to Mumbai in 2019 and we celebrated my birthday together. I remember my grandmother gifted me a diamond locket on my birthday a few moons back. Since she's no more, that one is a precious gift for me,” she shares.

Age is just a number. Agreeing, Megha says, “That's true, the more you make yourself feel young and you will feel young. People in their 30s start getting surgeries to look young, I believe every stage of our life and age has its own beauty, and we must accept that. One should enjoy that phase and take it positively. Spend time with close ones and keep working, stay healthy, and stay fit. Don't let the happiness and youthfulness inside you die.”

Careerwise, Megha has a lot many dreams to achieve. “I want to do films and OTT and to do something interesting in the thriller genre. I want to explore my talent more by doing more prominent roles. I want to work with SRK and the day I do it, I have achieved what I wanted in life,” she smiles.

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