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Maybe It’s because of Siddharth’s blessing we are doing good today : Shehbaz

Shehnaaz Gill's brother Shehbaz Badesha dropped a new single titled Aunda Janda.In an exclusive conversation with Ashish Tiwari of First India the Actor - Singer spoke about his song experience, Bond with Shehnaaz and more. 

Since his stint in Bigboss Shehbaaz has been known for his comic timing and entertaining personality. Speaking on the same he said , “People call me entertaining but everything comes straight out of my heart . There’s an honesty in my craft i believe that’s why people tend to like my work “

Aunda Jaunda is written , sung and featured by Shehbaz . Speaking on experience of the song he said “ I always wanted to do it on my own , and with the going trend I thought of making it on today’s guys. I am single myself so I can feel the pain of others better It was fun shooting the song , i was supposed to act for the first time so the experience was very enhancing . I got to learn a lot of things during the shoot. So when I shoot for my next song i think it will come out much better 

Shehnaaz is a loved face and personality in the industry and has been Shehbaz’s backbone throughout, speaking on her reaction to the song he said.  “This song was selected by Shehnaaz , everything got approved by Shehnaaz first and then was taken ahead . When she first heard it she couldn’t believe I have written the song”

The duo share a very special connection that is adored by the audience elaborating the same he said , “A bond between a brother and sister is very unique and different at the same time all other relationships will fall fade in-front of the bond it’s a pure bond . Every guy is protective about his sister even more than his wife. Rakshabandhan is just a festival to celebrate that bond for me everyday is special for having her as my sister . I will be with her whenever she needs me “


Pandemic has been a tough time as they had to deal Siddharth Shukla’s loss but now finally it seems good times are rolling for the them . Speaking on dealing with the same he said ,”At a moment when we needed strength god had given us that , so we could handle it. I believe its Sid’s blessing that we are at a stage of doing so good today in this industry . People you love can never leave your heart no matter what. Life has it’s own set of ups and downs when we are happy we celebrate it to the fullest and when we are low we make sure to be each others strength in the dreadful times” 

With love comes trolling , speaking on how he deals with it he mentioned, “We should concentrate on the people who love us , the haters will automatically start loving you if you keep doing good work”

The song is penned and voiced by Shehbaz and features Komal Rai opposite Shehbaz. Whereas, Aunda Janda is scored by G Skill and backed by Amit Majithia.

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Picture Credits : Kaushal Punatar 

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