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Mata Sita's Unyielding Faith and Resilience Shine in ‘Shrimad Ramayan’ on Sony Entertainment Television!

Shrimad Ramayan, on Sony Entertainment Television, continues to captivate audiences with its poignant portrayal of Lord Ram's timeless teachings. Resonating deeply with viewers, the ongoing episodes highlight how Lord Hanuman, in his quest to find Mata Sita, reaches the Ashok Vatika and sees her in a grove, guarded by demon warriors. 

He introduces himself as a messenger of Lord Ram and presents her with the ring that Lord Ram had sent for her, reinstating hope in Mata Sita’s heart that her beloved husband will eventually find and rescue her. As he proceeds to leave the Ashok Vatika, he realises that he is hungry and while looking for food, he is spotted by the guards and he begins fighting each of them successfully. The chaos soon comes to the attention of Ravan’s younger son,Akshay Kumar, which gives rise to a combat like situation between them and eventually leads to Lord Hanuman killing Akshay Kumar! Ravan’s elder son,Meghnad, who is enraged after hearing the news of his brother’s death captures Lord Hanuman by using his Brahmastra and then delivers him to Lanka King Ravan for retribution.


Prachi Bansal, portraying the role of Mata Sita, reflects on the resolute determination of her character by saying, “Embodying the role of Mata Sita has helped me understand the power of resilience and faith - especially after her encounter with Lord Hanuman in the Ashok Vatika. Despite the trials she is enduring, she remains steadfast in her belief in Lord Ram's unwavering love and commitment, drawing strength from his relentless pursuit and finding solace in the knowledge that their bond transcends challenges.”

Viewers are sure to be intrigued by this pivotal moment in the show, which highlights Lord Hanuman’s bravery, loyalty, and intelligence as he finds Mata Sita and delivers Lord Ram’s message, as well as his fierce face-off with Lanka Kind Ravan. 

Tune into Shrimad Ramayan every Monday to Friday at 9:00 PM, only on Sony Entertainment Television

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