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Manoj Bajpayee says nepotism debate is ‘badi bekaar ki behas’

Actor Manoj Bajpayee has called nepotism 'a pointless debate in the Indian film industry' adding that it has to do with 'connections and relationships that one creates'. In a new interview, Manoj also said that the real problem lies in film exhibitions who 'often discriminate'. 


In an interview with ANI, the actor, whose film Gulmohar released on Friday, said that it is wrong to call the film industry a ‘fraternity’, because everyone is working independently.

“Nepotism badi bekaar ki behas hai because ye ek private enterprise hai (The debate on nepotism is pointless, because the film industry is a private enterprise). Film industry, whether here or anywhere else, has some private entities putting their money. That is why I have a problem when you use the word ‘fraternity’. We are not a fraternity. We work scattered in different places. Kuch logo se kisi ka dil mil jata hai toh hum log saath mein uthte baithe hai and jiske saath dil nahi laga uske saath nahi uthte baithte (You connect well with some people, so you spend time with them, and you don’t connect with others, so you don’t spend time with them). If, in my place, they would want to take their nephew, then let them. Their money, what will I do? If they want to do it, then let them do it,” 

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