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Malaika Arora opens cooking for boyfriend Arjun Kapoor, "I cook for Arjun all the time, I won’t make the mistake of asking him to cook"

Arjun Kapoor does not even know how to brew tea, according to Malaika Arora, who has claimed that she cooks for him "all the time." Malaika said that it would be absurd to ask him to prepare meals for her because he has no culinary skills. Arjun and Malaika have been dating for a while now. 

Asked to recall the first time ever she cooked for Arjun, Malaika in a recent interview revealed, “I cook for Arjun all the time. I won’t make the mistake of asking him to cook. If you can’t cook, why would I ask somebody to cook, it’s a little silly. He doesn’t know how to make chai, why will he cook. I’m happy cooking and that’s fine. We both don’t need to cook. He enjoys the food I cook, that’s most important.”

Malaika had earlier revealed, "I don’t think they make men like that anymore. I could go on and on, but I admire these qualities the most. I feel like I am in my prime right now, and I want to work like this for the next 30 years. I don’t want to take a backseat; I want to explore so many businesses, I want to travel, and I would love to set up a home with Arjun and take our relationship to the next level because I think we both are ready for it.”

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