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Major turn of events in the upcoming episode of Shemaroo TV’s ‘Karmadhikari Shanidev’ as Shanidev's Drishti Causes Turmoil Among Devtas

In a dramatic turn of events in the upcoming episode of Shemaroo TV’s mythological show ‘Karmadhikari Shanidev’ viewers saw Shanidev's drishti (gaze) fall upon Mata Laxmi, causing significant distress among the gods. In an effort to mitigate the impact of Shanidev's drishti on Mata Laxmi, the other devtas collectively decided to intervene.

Meanwhile, Sangya influenced Bhadra to transform into a murti (idol), causing concern for Shanidev and the family. Despite their efforts to stop her, Bhadra persisted, prompting Shanidev to declare he would also turn into a murti. This decision made Bhadra realize her mistake, bringing the family together and resolving the conflict.

As the story unfolds further, we will see Mata Laxmi, in her attempt to resolve the issues caused by Shanidev's drishti, decided to perform Daan (charity) to Narayan as directed. However, in an unforeseen twist, she unknowingly gave Daan to Hagreev, the greatest Asur enemy of Narayan. This act, while unintentional, introduced a new layer of complexity to the ongoing mythological drama.

Piyali Munsi who plays the character of Mata Laxmi on the show talks about the upcoming track. She says , “I am excited for the upcoming episodes where viewers will see the profound effects of Shanidev's Drishti on Mata Laxmi. This storyline brings a lot of emotional depth and complexity as Mata Laxmi grapples with the challenges posed by the drishti and the subsequent actions. The twists and turns, especially her unintended act of giving Daan to Hagreev instead of Naarayan, add a thrilling layer to the narrative. It’s a journey of resilience, wisdom, and the unexpected consequences of our actions. I believe the audience will be deeply moved and captivated by these pivotal moments in the show."

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