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'Maintaining that balance was hard,' says Akash Pratap Singh on his boxing preps for Main Ladega

Actor Akash Pratap Singh is all set to bring a hard-hitting story to his audience with Main Ladega. The action drama talks about a son's journey to get justice for his mother who has endured domestic violence for years. While in the film Akash Pratap Singh challenges the existing toxic patriarchy and stands against his father, he also plays a boxer and showcases how the scars as a child shape his personality as an adult. Recently, Akash shared that to play a boxer on screen, he underwent rigorous training for more than a year, he even underwent severe body transformation. 

Sharing details about his preparations for the role, Akash said, "The prep started a year and a half bank when I started learning boxing and understanding nuances like how a boxer thinks. Physically, when the film was shot I was 28 years old and had to look like an 18-year-old, so I had to lose around 11kgs. Later, I had to start bulking up again to play a boxer."

He continued, "I had to beef up in a way that it wouldn't look like the kid who was seen earlier. I had only had 2 months to bulk up. I was on a diet, kept running, and for a year I trained for boxing 2 to 3 hours daily."

Akash even shared that during his transformation he would work out at the gym for at least 2 hours and then train in boxing for 2-3 hours. He was not even allowed to eat anything from out during the preps. 

Akash shares, "Building that body was not a difficult task, what mattered was to make it look believable. The frame had to look the same. The most difficult in this was that the filmmaking process was on, simultaneously you were writing, and other things were going on too. So maintaining that balance and juggling with all of this was hard." 

For Main Ladega, Akash just didn't had to act as a boxer, he actually fought with real wrestlers in the film. So he had to train for combat in reality. He trained with district and state-level boxers in Mumbai. Not just this, but understanding that psyche, Akash even had to write the story and choreograph the sequences. 

He even shared that when he lost weight drastically people thought he had caught an illness, but his character demanded to look frail. 

Eventually, Akash gave his blood and sweat to this character and now it is the closest to his heart.

Produced by Akshay Bhagwanji & Pinakin Bhakta. The lead actor Akash Pratap Singh has also written the story. Main Ladega is directed by Gaurav Rana. Presented as well as produced by Kathaakar Films which was founded by Akshay Bhagwanji and Akash Pratap Singh, Main Ladega will be released in theaters on 26th April 2024.

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