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King Charles distancing himself from drama surrounding Harry-Meghan's new documentary: Royal Expert

London: The new documentary series 'Harry and Meghan' is creating waves online and according to new reports coming in, it is being said that King Charles III has decided to not be involved in any drama surrounding his son and daughter-in-law Harry and Meghan.
According to Page Six, an entertainment media house based out in the US, royal expert Tom Bower has talked about how the royal family has been handling the conflict. "Well, they're shocked by it all," he shared with Page Six.
"The question is only -- this is really a story in the air -- is whether they're going to do an interview to rebut the claims, or whether they're going to strip them (Harry and Meghan) of the titles."
The author of "Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the War Between the Windsors" told Page Six that "there was never any chance of it (reconciliation between Royal family and Prince Harry and Meghan)," despite the fact that many people believed the royal family and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would patch fences following Queen Elizabeth II's passing on September 8.
"The whole problem is that Charles hates confrontation, and someone who had dinner with him earlier this week told me that he wants to stay out of it," Bower explained to Page Six.
"But I think that it'll be impossible for him to stay out of it," he added.
In the new documentary series, Harry and Meghan have explained how difficult it was for the latter to adjust in the UK.
According to Page Six, Meghan also shared that she never felt like she was treated like a black woman until she moved to the UK.
"At that time, I wasn't thinking about how race played a part in any of this," Meghan said on the show.
"I genuinely didn't think about it."
"I'd say now, people are very aware of my race because they made it such an issue when I went to the UK. But before that, most people didn't treat me like a 'black woman.' So, that talk didn't happen for me," Meghan added.
The royal family hasn't issued any statement regarding the documentary series so far, as per Page Six. (ANI)

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