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Karanvir Sharma pens down an emotional note for Suniel Shetty!

Karanvir Sharma shared the screen space with Suniel Shetty in the acclaimed web series 'Hunter: Tootega Nahi Todega' released last year. Directed by the talented duo, Prince Dhiman and Alok Batra, the series had garnered rave reviews, cementing Sharma and Shetty’s bond both on and off screen.

Recently, Karanvir met the legendary actor on the sets and penned down an appreciation post for him. With a warm smile, Suniel welcomed his friend and co-star of ‘Hunter’.

As seen in the pictures, their brief encounter on sets of 'Kesariveer' was filled with laughter and memories. From the thrill of action-packed scenes to moments of camaraderie offset, their journey together had been nothing short of remarkable.

As they parted ways, promises of future collaborations soar high, fuelled by the success of 'Hunter' and whispers of a potential second season of the series.

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