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Karan Sharma dons a turban in Udaariyaan

Actor Karan Sharma is loving his new Udaariyaan look. The actor has donned a turban for a special sequence in the show, and is enjoying playing the role of a sikh in the Dreamiyata Entertainment production.

“This is the first time I'm wearing this type of turban and a moustache. I haven't done any such role so I am not able to even recognise myself in this look (laughs) and everyone who is seeing me for the first time is telling me that I look sikh. It's a very different kind of feeling and I am enjoying this new look a lot. If ever I get to play this look again in any web series, I would surely do it,” he says.

Ask him how people are reacting to his new look, and he says, “Public reactions were very good and so many people told me that I am looking like a typical Punjabi munda and a Sardarji. My sister told me that I look amazing as well. I have got compliments and more compliments for this look from the people on my set; from Arman,  Aasma, mom, dad. They all love it, and so do my friends. What more does an actor want? I feel such looks, so distinct from who we really are, sets us apart.”

Meanwhile, talking about the current track, he adds, “Actually, this getup has been taken so that Murtazam can be taken out of India through the border and reach Pakistan. There is some such planning done by their families. I am sure people will love to watch this twist.”

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