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Jasmin Bhasin to make her Bollywood debut soon?

Jasmin Bhasin was supposed to make her Bollywood debut with a Mahesh Bhatt film. However, things didn't turn out as planned. Yet, many are of the opinion that she is busy with the project. The actor, who is known for her TV shows and films in Punjab and down south, clarifies the situation.

“I’m new to the industry and it's just the beginning. I've done just one film (in Punjabi language titled Honeymoon). I would like to explore all the genres,” she continues about the concerned project, “I was supposed to do a film produced by Vikram Bhatt production house Lone Ranger Productions. It was written by Mahesh sir and was to be directed by Vikram Sir’s associate. But the thing that didn't work out was we were supposed to shoot that film when I was doing Honeymoon, so it was pushed back a little. And eventually we reached a stage where I did not have the dates and the movie was supposed to go on floor. And, I just felt it was a sign from the universe that because it kept on getting pushed so much for some reason or other I should take a step back.”

Jasmin also had another commitment that she had to finish before starting with the Hindi film. So, she had to take the next step.

“I humbly apologised to Vikram sir. And he was, of course, very sweet. And mutually, we decided that if it's not working out, and since it's already been two years, we should let go of it. So unfortunately, I'm not doing it. But I'll always be thankful to Vikram Sir for the great opportunity and his kindness. I hope that I get to do my Bollywood debut soon because I've been working really hard, giving all the auditions that I'm being called for. Now I can actually say that I have not left any stone unturned and I've worked very hard on myself. So I'm hoping that something will work out soon. Keeping my spirits and hopes high (smiles) as it's a dream, and I believe in making my dreams come true,” she says.

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