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"I've had films where scripts were changed so last minute", Radhika Apte opens up on how actor's find themselves in corner sometimes!

The actor has experience working in a variety of sectors, including Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, and Bengali. She mainly appears in Hindi projects these days. Radhika splits her time between her residences in London and India. She added that she also intends to try spending time writing. In 2018, she co-wrote and co-starred in a part of the Netflix anthology Lust stories. 

Radhika shared how sometimes actors find themselves in a corner when a project they're on suddenly changes direction. She explained, "I find it difficult when they don't give you the script and it comes much later and there are lots of things you would have had a problem with... but now you're shooting. I've had films where scripts were changed so last minute. And you're like I don't agree with this, but you have no option because the whole unit is standing and waiting. Even though things are in your contract, things don't go as per the contract." 

She added, "It's very hard. Sometimes people don't like what they watch and they come to you and say, how could you do a film like that? You think it's easy? It's not in my control. Some many actors don't have the control, the authority and ability to just walk away and say I'm not going to do it."

She appeared in the movies Forensic, Vikram Vedha, and Monica, O My Darling last year. The actor also mentioned in the interview that she had finished a British movie and would soon be announcing Hindi and American projects. 

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