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It's 'Garmi Ki Chuttiyaan' on 'Dance Deewane' - Madhuri Dixit and Suniel Shetty reminisce their childhood

Garmi ki chhuttiyon mein, ghar ka khana aur baahar ki hawaa, yahi hai asli khushiyaan! In the upcoming episode of COLORS’ ‘Dance Deewane’, "Garmi ki chuttiya" brings the scorching summer vibes. Each breathtaking performance earns special recognition, with Bollywood's Suniel Shetty awarding coconuts to standout acts, while Madhuri Dixit Nene rewards contestants Deepanita, Anjali and Sharvari, Nitin and Gaurav, among others Rs. 101 as a token of appreciation of their art. The episode kicks off with an energetic group dance to ‘Aaj Blue Hai Pani Pani’. 

The host Bharti Singh brings her own brand of summer treats, surprising the contestants with ice creams and popsicles that'll have them chilling like villains. Deepanita, too, receives a special treat of sweets and Bengali food from Bengali women, satisfying her craving for a taste of home in the scorching heat – a much-needed respite from the summer swelter. Madhuri takes a nostalgic stroll down memory lane, reminiscing about those carefree summer days spent playing with friends and deciding dinner spots based on homemade dishes. Suniel Shetty, on the other hand, mentioned, "Near my home there used to be a coconut tree from which we would pluck coconuts and play in the mud. My mom would scold me for that. Those were the golden days.

As the temperature rises, so does the bar of performances, promising to stun the audiences. In a heartwarming moment, Devansh's great-grandfather graces the stage as Bharti's friend, and Devansh invites autistic kids to the stage, culminating in a touching dance performance on ‘Ghagra' that even the judges can’t resist joining.

But the surprises don't stop there! An auto-rickshaw driver arrives to support matar ke daane Yuvansh and Yuvraj, bearing their favourite treats like chocolates, fruits, and juices in his auto. In a nostalgic twist, he even offers them a ride onstage, taking Madhuri back to her college days – the last time she rode in an auto. The heat soars as Gaurav receives a visit from his girlfriend Pukki, and they share a sizzling dance to ‘Kaate Nahi Katte’ that leaves you wonderstruck.  

And just when you think it couldn't get any hotter, Karan Kundrra and Arjun Bijlani crank up the temperature on the Dance Deewane set, promoting their upcoming show ‘The Laughter Chefs’. They host a juice-making competition, pitting Bharti Singh and Suniel Shetty against Karan and Arjun in a battle to prepare the most refreshing orange juice for Madhuri Dixit Nene – a true test of who can keep their cool under pressure. 

As the dance floor sizzles with entertainment, the question on everyone's mind is - who will face elimination this week?

Stay tuned to ‘Dance Deewane Co- Powered by Cadbury Dairy Milk, Chupa Chups & Kia Seltos, trusted partner -Garnier Color Naturals, special partner Berger Anti-Dust' airing every Saturday and Sunday at 9:30 PM only on COLORS.

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