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Internationally Acclaimed Filmmaker Manu Bisht On Making India proud, Back To The Future, Journey & So Much More!

Filmmaker Manu Bisht believes in making it all happened. He will be representing his film 'Back to the future' on an international level. And it is such a proud moment for all the citizens of this nation. 

Being an Engineer fully involved in making of First film Museum in India, he also curated a guide for our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji when he did an inauguration of film museum 'National Museum Of Indian Cinema'.

Recently in an exclusive conversation with us we asked about how he is feeling on representing India on an international level. He responded, "It’s great! Representing India at 45th Moscow International Film Festival is like a dream come true. So much Excitement & Thrill. Moscow Film Festival is Top 10 film festival in the world, Humbley Honoured. Talking about Russia, the role of Indian cinema and its love affair with Russia is an age-old saga, which has grown over the years. As part of leaving footprints of Indian culture on the world map, Indian Cinema has gone global in terms of screen presence and it has found a fan as ardent as the Indians -the mighty Russia".

He further added, "Russian actor and writer Alexander Lipkov in his book India’s Bollywood in Russia, lists Nimai Ghosh’s Chhinnamul as the first ever Indian film that was released in the USSR. But it was the Chaplinesque roles of Raj Kapoor that struck a chord. The thriving journey of Bollywood in Russia started with the screening of Raj Kapoor’s Awaara in an Indian Film Festival in 1954".

"Now, premier of my film “Back to Future”, directed by me and produced by Films Division, Government of India at 45th Moscow International Film Festival, portraying analytical journey of cinema from analogue to digital to a new horizon, will set a new milestone in the journey of cinematic love and friendship between new India and Russia".

He then opened up about how his journey as a filmmaker began, "I joined the Films Division in long back as Engineer and my love and passion for Cinema started flourishing from here onwards. Later I polished my film skill by learning Film & Video Editing from Film and Television Institute of India, Pune. Later started making short films for the Films Division, Here i would love to mention i might be only आम आदमी from the Country, who is So much fortune to meet & made short films on many legend from Indian Cinema,who Got Highly Honoured Dada saheb Phale Award in two Decades. Right from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Which pushed me to make full-fledged documentaries for the Films Division. Out of which “In-search of Fading Canvas” and “Elephant do Remember” got National Film Award apart from the much appreciated films “Light, Shadow & Me –V K Murthy” and “Sir K Balachandaran”, Manu shared. 

Talking about the aspects that influenced his filmmaking Manu said, "In my childhood, the magic of the bioscope influenced me to imagine the story-telling through the Cinema. Later in college days, great works of India Film Stalwarts and doyen of India Cinema, like of Gurudutt Raj Kapor, Dev Anand, Ashok Kumar, Dilip Kumar, Satyajit Ray, Devika Rani, Madhubala, Geeta Dutt, Vaijanti Mala, Nargis and many more mesmerised me like any other India Film lover and brought me to the industry of Cinema which I love it the most".

Describing his 20years journey in the industry he said, "It has been great, full of love for Cinema, like great showman Raj Kapoor Sir says “जीना यहाँ, मरना यहाँ, इसके सीवा जाना कहाँ”.

He then revealed the project that has been the closest to him. Manu shared, "Making of “Back to Future” is closest to my heart as it takes you to the journey of Cinema from analogue to digital to a new horizon. The research for this film took a lot of heart and soul. The film has also travelled to Toronto & Berlin International Film Festival apart from being premiered at Pune International Film Festival too".

Concluding the conversation the filmmaker said, "Please keep watching andloving films. It’s absolutely wonderful magic. Wish to see the Indian Cinema to a brighter skyline, which is just a century young compared to any other age-old art forms. 

Here I' would conclude with these lines sang by late Mukesh. कल खेल में हम हो ना हो गर्दिश में तारें रहेंगे सदा भूलोगे तुम भूलेंगे .........

With Love –Manu Bisht". 

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