Tuesday, March, 05,2024

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In the face of relentless criticism, strong reactions and controversy Adiprush manages puts up a brave face and fights its battle. 

Being the most trolled film, the intent of the makers was to exhibit the biggest battle of good over evil. Unfortunately, few groups had the agenda of pulling down the movie! 

With a stellar opening and mixed reviews from the public, the graph of the collection has dropped each day with constant trolls, criticism and controversies! 

The gripping storyline of Adipurush has appealed to a mix of audiences, especially kids. Not only enjoying the film but many of them sang Jai Shri Ram in unison when it played during the film and also clapped and hooted when good triumphed over evil! Not only entertaining, the main intent of the film was to bring awareness in a colloquial manner that resonates with the youth. 

With makers changing the controversial dialouges,the film is poised to  further grow in the coming days

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