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“If Shoaib hadn’t been there I don’t know aaj mein kis situation mein…”, Dipika Kakar Ibrahim

The one who is so down-to-earth and has been through a lot a strong lady, is none other than Dipika Kakar Ibrahim.

Ashish Tiwari recently interviewed Dipika Kakar Ibrahim and Shoaib Ibrahim and talk about their first child, pregnancy, Struggle, proposal, family & Much more

Dipika Kakar was asked about how she is feeling about having so much happiness coming in her life right now, and she replied with so elegance and gratitude, “Bhot zayda gratitude hai Ashish, honestly. Because this is priceless (putting hands on her baby bump while talking) ek aisi cheez hai chahiye aap as a lady ya as a couple bolo haar cheez mein apki life ka stage hai jiska aap intezaar karte ho. The most beautiful part is when you’re prepared and waiting for this phase. Toh muje aisa lgta hai and issiliye yeh bhot priceless hai. And yeh jo journey bitti hai 7 months ki mein ne bhot enjoy kiya hai. And I’ve said it in my vlogs as well that I’m one of those lucky ladies that I’m able to to enjoy this phase and live this phase on my own and the way I want to. And when I think muje pain ho rha hai ya takleef ho rahi hai, tab mein unn ladies ke bare mein sochti hu jinko pregnancy mein bhi kaam karna padhta hai. To have an entire phase according to your ease is a blessing and yes it was a dream to have a big house and have those luxuries. Jab aap apni life aap na plan karo aur upar wala plan kare toh voh itni khubsurti se plan hoti hai na ki aap usse accept karne mein bhi aapko lage ki aacha yeh sach mein ho rha hai.”

She also spoke about the balance and understanding they have between them. She said that they fight a lot but they communicate about it and put a full stop to it and not stretch it for too long. Shoaib shared a valuable lesson for long-lasting relationship, “Gussa aana chahiye agar insaan jisse pyaar karta hai apne saare emotions nahi share karega na, chahiye voh gussa ho, pyaar ho, ruthna hoy a manana ho, narazgi ho kisi cheez ki, aap bolke khatam kar do, aap gussa kar lo coz dil mein rakhna kisi bhi rishte mein voh thik nhi hai. Jab aap dil mein rakhte ho toh bhot negativity aati hai. Life mein na koi perfect nahi hota but kisi ki imperfection se pyaar karna aapko perfection ki taraf lekar jata hai. Jab aap insaan se pyaar karte ho toh uski khamiyo se bhi pyaar karte ho.”

They spoke about the difficult phase of their life, how they overcome their difficulties, and their journey from being friends to lovers. The journey was adventurous and helped each other through difficult times. As we all know Dipika has been through a lot. She gets emotional thinking about this phase of her life every time. The reason they are so strong together is that they were in the most difficult phase when they met each other, and because of their friendship, their bond got so strong. She added, “If he hadn’t been there I don’t know aaj mein kis situation mein hoti. Mein bhot difficult phase mein thi I wasn’t myself, I was lost. Agar Shoaib meri life mein nhi aate toh I don’t know mein iss waqt kaha hoti aur kya kar rahi hoti, thik hoti bhi kin hi I have no clue.  So meeting him, him coming in my life is like starting fresh.

Shoaib talked about how Dipika helped him during the difficult phase when his father faced a brain hemorrhage. The flight was not available till morning so Dipika called him at her place and she stayed up all night consoling him, spoke to the doctors took all the updates. He said that he shows that he is strong but when it comes to his family he is weak, he can’t stand looking at his family in problem.

They are way thankful for the love and blessings they are getting from their fans and for trollers a little message that they haven’t lived their life and can’t judge them through their serials and vlogs but still, they can’t say anything because they are a public figure and freedom of speech is only for the public but not for a public figures.

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