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"I was very uncomfortable with it...": Tamannaah Bhatia on how criticism on social media affected her.

Tamannaah Bhatia is one of the rare actresses who has built a name for herself in both the South and Bollywood film industry. She has, however, received a great deal of criticism on social media, as do other prominent people. In a recent interview, the actress discussed it and how she learned to cope with it.

Tamannaah Bhatia was asked how she deals with abuse and hostility on social media during an interview with Luke Coutinho. According to the actress, it is critical for people to like what she does in her job. She went on to say that, individuals occasionally write negative things about others on social media. She said, "...when that has happened to me, for the first moment it took me by a storm and I was very uncomfortable with it because it really made me feel like what's going on? is something that I have done gone wrong?"

The Lust Stories 2 actress then detailed how she overcame it, claiming that she realised what these individuals were doing was wrong "are projecting towards you is not about you, it's actually about them." She added, "So now, I have an option of either believing that that is me or I have an option of believing what I think is true about me. I think that's the moment I felt that I had to just focus on becoming who I want to become and not be worried about what so many people think about me because A- they have never been on that journey, they have not lived my life, they have no idea about who I am. They are only talking from their level of understanding."

Tamannaah was most recently seen in Rajinikanth's Tamil action comedy Jailer, which was a huge economic success. She also starred in Aakhri Sach, a web series in which she played a police officer. Her forthcoming ventures include the Malayalam film Bandra, the Tamil film Aranmanai 4, and the Bollywood film Vedaa, in which she will star alongside John Abraham. 

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