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“I was really inspired by Isha Malviya’s character in Udaariyaan”, says Shreya Jain essaying the role of Meher

Fasten your seat belts for a roller-coaster ride of love as COLORS’ ‘Udaariyaan’ soars to new heights with an exhilarating 15-year leap! After a heartwarming journey spanning three generations, the romance drama has taken off into an exciting new era, continuing its legacy with a fresh flock of characters. The show offers a glimpse into the lives of Sarab, Haniya, and Meher, portrayed by the talented Avinesh Rekhi, Aditi Bhagat, and Shreya Jain respectively. In a twist that will keep viewers gripped, the show captures a clash between Sarab and Meher, who find themselves on opposite runways when it comes to matters of the heart. On joining ‘Udaariyaan’, Shreya Jain who is essaying the role of Meher, shares her excitement and spills the beans about her role. 

Excerpts below: 

1.    Udaariyaan is a very popular show and has been on-air for a long time. You are entering the show now, how excited are you?
A.    I am thrilled to join this show. Udaariyaan is undeniably popular, and being part of it feels like a blessing. I am incredibly grateful and happy. While I am a bit nervous, I am confident that I will give it my best shot.

2.    Tell us something about your role in ‘Udaariyaan’.
A.    I am playing the role of Meher, who is Aasmaa’s (from pre-leap) daughter and Haniya’s sister. Meher’s character is strong-willed and views love as something that could potentially hold her back.

3.    How did you get the role of Meher?
A.    I auditioned for this character. I got a call from the production team the very next day. I was told that I had been shortlisted for the role and needed to go to Chandigarh. The rest is history.

4.    There have been many leaps in ‘Udaariyaan’, have you followed the show previously? 
A.    Yes, I have watched the show in bits and pieces because my nani loves it and has been following it from the beginning. Even if that wouldn’t have been the case, I would have still ended up watching the show because it is so popular. I am very happy that I will be contributing to this beloved show that has entertained viewers over the years.

5.    What was your family’s reaction when they found out about your role in this show?
A.    My family was super happy. I have always had my parents' support for the decisions I’ve made. They called all our relatives and shared their excitement about me playing the role of Meher in Udaariyaan. My nani is a big fan of this show, and she was on cloud nine.

6.    How is your bond with your co-actors?
A.    We have recently started shooting, and working with both my co-stars, Avinesh Rekhi and Aditi Bhagat, is amazing. I learn a lot from them. Aditi was part of this show before and often guides me. We have many conversations on the set, and we are gradually getting to know each other well.

7.    Which character in the show do you think has been phenomenal so far?
A.    I was really inspired by Isha Malviya’s character in Udaariyaan. She did a phenomenal job and. hHer character turned negative in the show, and it gained a lot of popularity. Being new to the industry, the way she portrayed her character was unforgettable and commendable. 

8.    A message for your fans.
A.    I am thankful for you all. I credit my success to you. I want to share my world of Udaariyaan with you. I hope you all love and support me throughout this new journey.

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